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Our goal - bringing new approach to the field modeling and making FEA analysis usual and convenient part of any electromechanical design process, nonwithstanding on the level of engineering experience and the complexity of the model or device simulated.

The main difference between QuickField and other FEA softwares is its unique combination of ultimate simplicity of user interface with power and speed of the most advanced mathematical algorithms and the latest programming technology.

The main difference between Tera Analysis Ltd. and other FEA software vendors - we are young, we are growing, and we are daring. We provide new approach to field modeling - our customers may fully concentrate on their engineering problems, without being specialists in numerical analysis. You should know your physics - QuickField will do the rest. We extend potential customer base of finite-element analysis software from the limited group of highly educated mathematicians and numerical analysis experts to the wide audience of engineers and students of any engineering field.