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For several years, about 30 people every day download the copy of QuickField Student edition. More than 5000 customers have filled our registration form. A lot of copies are distributed by anonymous FTP sites, on freeware CD-ROMS and by other means we have no control on. In most cases people use Students QuckField without necessity to contact us, so the total number of the Student's version users is unknown.

QuickField Professional edition is used in any part of the world - Europe, Asia, America, Australia, and even on little island in Pacific. Famous universities, research centers and industrial companies rely on our software.

QuickField has been used in many big corporations such as Applied Materials, General Motors, General Electric, IBM, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, Tektronix, Texas Instruments, and many more...

Here is what some of QuickField users have to say about the product.

I like QuickField very much. I think that it is a fantastic system, and would like to thank you for your efforts in making this available.
Gregory Aharonian
Source Translation and Optimization
I am using the package QuickField since 1993 and I am very satisfied with its performance.
A. Anghel
PSI Lab of Technical Physics
I would like to say that QuickField is the most impressive piece of FEA software I have seen. It certainly is the easiest FEA package to use! Please pass on my congratulations to the software people responsible.
Ian Bosworth
Oxford Instruments
I was impressed favorably by QuickField's ease of use, i.e. within a few hours of playing with it I was able to get it to work; which all things considered, is pretty good for such a program dealing with complex problems.
Raymond L. Boxman
Prof. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Tel Aviv University
I have been looking for a FEA software which was powerful and yet affordable. This program is both!
James Gateau
Aerospace Engineering/Astrodynamics
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
We are very impressed by the quality and ease of use of the package, particularly when compared to large commercially-marketed programs such as ANSYS
Applied Magnetism Group