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Tera Analysis Ltd. is an international company with headquarters in Svendborg, Denmark. It was created in 1999 to inherit the activity of Tera Analysis Company (LA, California) in development, distribution and customer support of QuickField software.

We are very international. Our team members live in different countries, on different continents - we are united by Internet. And we rely on Internet for all kinds of our activity. We distribute software by Internet, support customers by Internet, and our main efforts for QuickField marketing are also Internet-oriented. We maintain several websites - company homepage, QuickField Support site, QuickField in Germany, QuickField in Denmark.

Dedicated QuickField Support team pays attention to every customer request - even if the free Student's version is used. World-wide network of business partners assures high level of local customer support That's why our customer base is really impressive - from the students of small universities in Africa and Eastern Europe - to the industry leaders and the most famous Universities and Research centers of the USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, France and Great Britain.